Boxing : Diverse Emotions Captured in Photographs

5 Jul

Boxing : Diverse Emotions Captured in Photographs

Boxing is a human blood sport that has intents to hurt, maim or even render unconscious the loser of a fight.  It is therefore a storehouse of emotions ranging from excitement, hurt, defeat, anxiety and many other that are portrayed during a boxing match.

These emotions are not just a direct reflection of the physical but also of the mind and heart of the fighter.  Some have long term effects and some just fade away after a win or lose tournament.  Some even reflect deep hurt within or on the fighter.

Emotions before and during a match may dictate the performance throughout the fight and outcome of it.  Be it frustration, disappointment or rage, once elated can cause defeat before the defeat.  When troublesome emotions linger, and continue to hurt even after they invade a fighter.

There are both negative and positive emotions associated with this vigorous and life-threatening sport.  Let us take a closer look at some of these emotions that are captured on photographs as we try and see what they represent and the effects thereof.

Negative emotions

These are dangerous emotions that hurt mentally.  The negative ‘voices’ keep telling and reminding you that your confidence is not enough to fight or win.  This will cause difficulty in your focus and you are likely to forget your strengths and instead focus on the weak points during a fight.  This causes despair and a feeling of helplessness, your physical capabilities to perform well are brought down fast.

There are also beliefs and attitudes that tend to dictate performance and competition.  These are burdens brought from your past.  It’s like driving a car while all the way your eyes are on the rear-view mirror, the distance you cover will be short before you are knocked out.  Your past experiences impact your current performance and decisions you make, this only serves to hold you down.

One can also become anxious after making a bad call or a silly mistake during a fight, an error that badly affects the outcome of the competition.  This is experienced when you feel that you areexperiencing blocks to your achieving of goals and these obstacles cannot be removed.  At first, the anxiety may be a good motivator but later, it may achieve just the opposite.

Disappointment is also an emotion that comes with boxing fights.  Your performance may decline once you put your focus on previous failures.  Throwing tantrums, fits of anger and giving up are a package of negative emotions that can arrest one’s success in competitions.

Positive emotions

Then there is the feeling of excitement after a win, a fulfilling emotion that is a good motivator for future competitions.

Contentment is also a good feeling that you have done your best despite the loss of a fight and that you have lived to tell the tale.


It is okay to feel disappointment after a poor performance because it means that you care, but when they tend to rule you, your boxing or sports career is in trouble.