10 Facts About Boxing That Will Make You LOL

30 Jun

10 Facts About Boxing That Will Make You LOL

Watching a boxing match, one would think that the opponents are in the ‘noble art of self-defence’; on the contrary, boxing is a sport that the opponents directly and intentionally will hurt each other by mercilessly covering them with blows and the loser is ultimately knocked unconscious.

With this in mind, there can be overwhelming negative aspirations and expectations from both the participants and the spectators.  Over the years, there has been development of rules and regulations on the ring to try and bring some sanity back into the game.  So, it is no longer just hammering blows on your opponent, but there are those ‘below the belt’ rules that apply.

On the flip side, there is also quite several facts that would make one laugh out loud in the midst of all the tension involved in a boxing match. Let us look at 10 of those facts below.

  1. Remember Sugar Ray Robinson? He is in the hall of boxing fame.  He backed out of a match because he had had a dream in which he had killed the opponent.  A priest intervened and convinced him otherwise, he went to the ring and actually did kill Jimmy Doyle.
  2. Most of us would like to think that the thick boxing gloves were introduced to maintain safety. On the contrary, they were actually brought into the picture to increase the head-hits and create more dramatic knockouts.  These gloves have caused more deaths than bare knuckles.
  3. Evander Holyfield received an overwhelming ‘Get Well’ cards prior to his fight with Mike Tyson, he however won the fight, one of the most shocking historical fights.

4. The all-time legendary Muhammad Ali is reported to have gone on a sex-fasting for 2 months before this big fight, claimed it made him unbeatable in the fight.

5. John Heenan, a boxer in the 19th century, was beaten so badly that an artist was hired to capture his face (which had been badly rearranged), in oil.

6. It is said that once there was a boxing match between a man and a bear, guess who won – yes, the bear took the day.

7. Ronda Rousey, a UFC women’s champion, advocates for lots of sex before a match for the female fighters claiming it boosts testosterone levels.

8. George Foreman is said to have made more money from selling his grills than from his whole boxing career which accredits him 2-time heavyweight championship.

9. Prisoners from Thai are released early if they participate in special matches against foreigners. This is in kickboxing.

10. One of the teachers in charge of training Bruce Lee was an illegal bare knuckle champ who was undefeated in many fights. His retirement came after he blinded an opponent accidentally.

An interesting sport it is, this boxing.  It exudes both temporary and permanent damages to the fighters, yet with it comes a closet of humorous facts that add a smile to the seriousness of the whole deal.