Muay thai or Thai boxing

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Muay thai or Thai boxing

The Muay Thai continues to remain at the top of the sport’s popularity

It’s a mix of traditional boxing and martial arts like karate and tae kwon do. It’s not just a sport or a form of fighting, it’s a show that you can follow live but also more comfortably by the home or hotel screens. It’s a show because it’s a form of aesthetic art represented on a background of music and crowd with ceremonies and rituals. The approach for the alien is skunk, western boxing seems kind to compare to kicks and tremendous knees that the two contestants add to their fists through gloves. It is not easy to find that it is just a barefoot kick to send the rug to the recipient.

Mix between Western box and Oriental martial art, this sporting practice is undoubtedly very violent and at the same time so spectacular to involve even the most pacifist viewer.


A little bit of history

The history of muay or has its roots in over half a millennium of history, beginning at the beginning of the fifteenth century. Written testimonies reveal that he was in the wars between Thailand and Burma.

There is no proof of its origins in the kingdom, but legends say it was for the first time practiced by soldiers in the Ayutthaya period. Fighting in those days depended heavily on individual strength and ability because it was done with swords, lancia and bare hands. The soldiers confronted the enemy face to face in a close combat and all parts of the body could be used for defense including knees and feet. It is believed that kick boxing was at the origin of the royal family and among the high courtiers and later extended to common people. Some kings, such as Naresuan the Great, who lived between the middle of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the 17th century were amateur boxers of a level that was far from despicable.

The first known civilian who practiced ‘Thai kick boxing’ was Nai Khanomtom, a citizen of the village of Pa Moke, in the province of Angthong, towards the end of the Ayutthaya period. Nani Khanomtom was captured by the Burmese army and defeated by defeating ten Burmese boxers. It is said that the king of Burma praised him for his skill and said that even if the thai had fought swords, their way of fighting bare hands could be very dangerous.

Towards the end of the Ayutthaya period while this type of boxing was in full bloom, many Thai Kings began to become professionals in this art. King Taksin was also known as a muay tai master.
Combat without weapons became very popular and training camps increased in communities. With Thai men learning this boxing both to fight against enemies and for personal defense.

How did peace come in the realm of muay tai became a popular sport with competitions held between villages taking place during religious festivals. The Priap Muay, a competition between two rival villages, became an exciting event in which an outdoor arena was placed in the village temple area or in an outdoor area.

Throughout this period, it is fought against the shadows and without shields to soften the shots. Later the bare hands were replaced by Khad Chuak where the hands of boxers were wrapped in strings or white cotton. The match time was scaled by entering the water into an empty coconut shell to mark the beginning of each round. The round ended when the shell was full of water and went deep.


Rules of Muay

The rules of the Muay tai were very flexible at the beginning. A boxer could attack his opponent even when he was at the rug or when they were resting during the rounds, another pair of boxers went up the ring and they alternated in this way until the end of the day or until one part won the fight .

Major changes in the muay tai arrived in 1918 when boxing gloves replaced the cotton strings used to cover their hands.

But the high number of deaths and permanent injuries prompted the Thai government to ban the practice around the twenties of the last century. The rules of international combat were enforced and just a decade after boxing was re-released, revised and corrected, for the enthusiasm of its many fans. The rules that mark the times. The ring cover, the use of the gloves, the greater severity of the referees brought the Thai boxing to the international uello. However, alive and timeless antique procedures and ceremonies remain, and became a famous profession that generated great gains.
Today some rules have roughly dampened the rough tones of the match: gong every three minutes, prohibition of spit and insults to the opponent, prohibition of headshots with the feet, shell to avoid genital injury. That does not mean that boxers run serious risks and that mortal accidents may also occur. It does not mean that the mirage of money can be fatal to many young people who have fled the poorest of Bangkok’s villages or suburbs and went up the ring to look for luck paying them a pricey price. It seems to revive the history of boxing in the Western world, even though she is dumbfounded with desperate and disillusioned people, of people who are struggling to fight, knowing losing in the name of financial interests, boxers playing.


Principles in Thai boxing

There are five principles in Thai boxing: physical and spiritual power, perseverance, speed, intelligence and boxing art.

The coach when he feels that his pupil is able to fight him uficly assigns him a battle name. The boxers surpass the strings wearing a band around the head and arms ornaments, both of a scam. The band is removed before the confrontation begins, ornaments in the arms are kept because they infuse the athlete with moral energy and protect it, as they contain a small Buddha image. A few minutes before the beginnings, the contestants produce themselves in a kind of prolific dance, within the square, directed to the guardian spirit of the muay tai.

The Thai boxers honor their masters or khru and show their devotion to this teacher at a ceremony known as wai khru, which is customary before the ciscun match. During the wai khru, both parts perform the wai three times in respect for their father, mother, teacher, triple gem of hope, all sacred creatures that can bless them in winning. The performance is so engaging, it can be compared to live dealer casinos that offer the most realistic gambling experience. Here you also use all 4/5 principles in Thai boxing: physical and spiritual power, perseverance, speed, intelligence.

A unique feature of the muay thai is that each match is accompanied by music played by flutes, drums and cymbals. During the wai khru the rhythm is rather sluggish and silent but after the referee has explained the rules of the match, the rhythm becomes quick and melodies become higher by adding excitement to the match.

There are two major stadiums in Bangkok the Ratchadamnoen and the Lumpini, and fights between professionals can be seen every night.

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